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Advances in Brief 175 Ultra-Low-Dose Sparse-View Quantitative CT Liver Perfusion Imaging Esmaeil Enjilela, Ting-Yim Lee, Jiang Hsieh, Amol Murjoomdar, Errol Stewart, Mark Dekaban, Feng Su, and Aaron So 180 High-Frequency 4-Dimensional Ultrasound (4DUS): A Reliable Method for Assessing Murine Cardiac Function Frederick W. Damen, Alycia G. Berman, Arvin H. Soepriatna, Jessica M. Ellis, Stephen D. Buttars, Kristiina L. Aasa, and Craig J. Goergen Research Articles 188 Experimental MRI Monitoring of Renal Blood Volume Fraction Variations En Route to Renal Magnetic Resonance Oximetry Andreas Pohlmann, Kathleen Cantow, Till Huelnhagen, Dirk Grosenick, Joa # o dos Santos Periquito, Laura Boehmert, Thomas Gladytz, Sonia Waiczies, Bert Flemming, Erdmann Seeliger, and Thoralf Niendorf 201 Imaging Lung Cancer by Using Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI With Retrospective Respiration Gating Kyle M. Jones, Carol A. Stuehm, Charles C. Hsu, Phillip H. Kuo, Mark D. Pagel, and Edward A. Randtke 211 The Empirical Effect of Gaussian Noise in Undersampled MRI Reconstruction Patrick Virtue and Michael Lustig ® TOMOGRAPHY.ORG VOLUME 3 NUMBER 4 DECEMBER 2017 COVER ILLUSTRATION Diagnosis of early stage acute kidney injury would benefit from timely assess- ment of local-regional tissue hypoxia. In the paper by Pohlmann et al., the feasi- bility of intravascular contrast-enhanced MRI is examined for monitoring renal blood volume fraction. Findings provide a foundation towards advancing multi- parametric MRI for renal blood volume mapping to ultimately yield an image- based renal MR oximetry measure for assessment of acute kidney injury.

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