Vol. 3 No. 1 - Mar 2017

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Advances in Brief 1 Ferritin–EGFP Chimera as an Endogenous Dual-Reporter for Both Fluorescence and Magnetic Resonance Imaging in Human Glioma U251 Cells Caihong Jiang, Dongmei Wu, and E. Mark Haacke 9 MRI-Guided Stereotactic Biopsy of Murine GBM for Spatiotemporal Molecular Genomic Assessment Stefanie Galba´ n, Wajd N. Al-Holou, Hanxiao Wang, Amanda R. Welton, Kevin Heist, Xin Kathy Hu, Roeland GW Verhaak, Yuan Zhu, Carlos Espinoza, Thomas L. Chenevert, Ben A. Hoff, Craig J. Galba´ n, and Brian D. Ross Research Articles 16 Quantitative Analysis of the Spatial Distribution of Metastatic Brain Lesions Ted K. Yanagihara, Albert Lee, and Tony J. C. Wang 23 DCE-MRI Texture Features for Early Prediction of Breast Cancer Therapy Response Guillaume Thibault, Alina Tudorica, Aneela Afzal, Stephen Y-C. Chui, Arpana Naik, Megan L. Troxell, Kathleen A. Kemmer, Karen Y. Oh, Nicole Roy, Neda Jafarian, Megan L. Holtorf, Wei Huang, and Xubo Song 33 Intrathoracic Fat Measurements Using Multidetector Computed Tomography (MDCT): Feasibility and Reproducibility Jadranka Stojanovska, El-Sayed H. Ibrahim, Aamer R. Chughtai, Elizabeth A. Jackson, Barry H. Gross, Jon A. Jacobson, Alexander Tsodikov, Brian Daneshvar, Benjamin D. Long, Thomas L. Chenevert, and Ella A. Kazerooni 41 A Population-Based Digital Reference Object (DRO) for Optimizing Dynamic Susceptibility Contrast (DSC)-MRI Methods for Clinical Trials Natenael B. Semmineh, Ashley M. Stokes, Laura C. Bell, Jerrold L. Boxerman, and C. Chad Quarles 50 An MR-Based Viscosity-Type Regularization Method for Electrical Property Tomography Changyou Li, Wenwei Yu, and Shao Ying Huang 60 Low-Noise Active Decoupling Circuit and its Application to 13 C Cryogenic RF Coils at 3 T Juan Diego Sanchez-Heredia, Esben Søvsø Szocska Hansen, Christoffer Laustsen, Vitaliy Zhurbenko, and Jan Henrik Ardenkjær-Larsen ® TOMOGRAPHY.ORG VOLUME 3 NUMBER 1 MARCH 2017 COVER ILLUSTRATION In the paper by Yanagihara et al., retro- spective analysis of brain metastases, a common intracranial malignancy in ap- proximately 10 –20% of cancer patients, revealed a non-stochastic distribution across gross anatomical regions of the brain based on T1 gadolinium-enhanced imaging. These findings may be impor- tant for guiding partial brain radiother- apy with risk-adapted dose delivery and reduce the risk of neurotoxicity from over- treatment.

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